The Grasshopper Soccer Facility

We have awesome soccer fields and an awesome bar - 4170 Madison St. Hillside, IL 60162


The Soccer Community

You can't enjoy soccer all by yourself. Soccer is more fun when you are surrounded with like minded individuals in which you can connect, mingle and make lasting friendships. Our soccer arena and bar make a perfect community.


The Soccer Games

Soccer is our life style. We play day and night, non-stop. We pack on 4 soccer fields perfect for 6 vs 6 adult soccer. Each year we host soccer leagues in which you can join, have fun, get some soccer exercise and connect with the community.


The Awesome Bar

We stack you with all the power juice you need from Beer to Soda. Bring your friends, watch your favorite soccer matches or watch the real time games happening at the nearest field. Laugh, have fun and enjoy yourself.


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Grasshopper is a convenient indoor soccer facility for soccer enthusiasts and sports fans of all ages, for fun and recreation. Our facility is open all year long for hourly rental, league plays, classes, tournaments, practice and special events.

You can download the waiver by clicking here.


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4170 Madison St. Hillside, IL 60162.